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A few things to note before sailing with us:

For a successful trip, everyone needs to cooperate. We kindly ask for your help with cooking, washing up, general tidying up, garbage clearance, grocery shopping and helping the skipper during mooring. All of these small but important tasks are essential to ensure a perfect sailing boat holiday.

During summer temperatures can rise and it can get really hot both day and night. We suggest not to bring many clothing.
The outfit is usually a swimsuit, sarong or beachrobe.
During the months of May and September it often rains, a sweater and kway are recommended.
On board, we suggest simple and comfortable clothing; a t-shirt, shorts and a tight cap. We are usually barefoot but if you like to wear slippers they must be clean and used exclusively on board. Hiking boots or running shoes are recommended on excursions and walks.

Water is the most precious source and sailing boats have limited resources on board. Therefore the cooperation of every member is essential. Our goal is to be autonomous for the longest possible time so it’s important not to waste water while taking showers.
This small gesture will ensure our capacity to live far from harbour as long as possible before having to replentish. Bottles of water are always available on board.

Insurance covers any casualties which might occur on board. It does not cover theft, loss of personal objects, medical bills or cancellation of bookings. It is recommended to stipulate a personal medical travel insurance, ensuring you are covered for excursions on a sailboat. The skipper won’t take any responsability for any medical expenses that you may occure during the holiday trip.

For easy storage on board we reccomend the usage of soft foldable bags without rigid structures or wheels.

Maritime flags’ normative is requiring the boat to display the flag of the country in which the boat is registered on the stern and a courtesy flag of the country towards which the boat is sailing at half mast.  A flag of one’s home country can also be displayed. If you wish to make your presence on board known, you are welcome to bring a medium size flag from your home country to show that on board.

Food, drink, and food intolerances
We love food and always buy and cook fresh products. A big breakfast, a hearty lunch and dinner which include water and soft and hot drinks. We ask you to communicate any food intolerances before departure.

The best time to visit Sardinia is May and October. The highest temperatures are reached in the summer months (July and August) and it can get as hot as 38C (110F) and the water’s surface can reach 25C (77F).
Spring begins in April, with possible showers. September and October are usually remaining quite hot and temperatures are stable.  During low season the beaches are less crowded. The main wind is the Maestrale, which blows from North-West and can persist uninterruptedly for days, especially from May to June and from September to October. July and August are usually less windy.

You must have your ID card (UE citizenship) or passport (non EU citizens) with you at all times. Upon request, you must be able to guarantee your identity.

On board electricity is 12V with a maximum of 220V.
A lighter socket is available to charge cell phones. Power of hair dryers has to be under 500 watts (usage for hair dryers is usually 1500 watts). A good way to avoid to use an hair dryer is to dry your hair in the open air. Boats are naturally small environment to live in with limited resources.
By saving sources on board we will be able to avoid crowded harbour and to spend more time staying in exclusive and romantic bays.

The crime rate in Sardinia is quite low compared to European standards. The Italian police is ready to protect tourists at all times. Nevertheless, keep always your passport stored in a safe place.

As for law Altamarea has to submit a list of the crew members on board. All guests have to provide their full names, date of birth, nationalities and passport numbers in advance.

Solar protection
During summer sun is strong, and on a sailing boat you are constantly exposed at the UV rays. Sunscreen of at least 15+ or a long sleeved shirt are recommended during the hottest hours of the day.

We don’t have a fixed route. To be able to provide you with a pleasant journey we may have to reschedule our itinerary at the very short notice depending on weather forecast and wind conditions.
Our aim is to explore and discover as many bays and hidden corners as possible, spending every night in different places of the Archipelago of la Maddalena.
Depending on weather forecast conditions and for the safety of the crew we take the right to change the itinerary and eventually remain anchored in the same spot.

Hospitals and clinics are located in all the main port centres and pharmacies or medical clinics are found even in the smallest villages. Although Italy has got an excellent health care system, we advice you to take your own precautions for the trip. The most important things are to avoid direct sunlight by wearing a cap and good quality sunglasses and applying strong sunscreen, especially during the warmest hours of the day (11am to 3pm). It’s important to drink a lot of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration and fatigue.

There are only few mosquitos at sunset.
In case you are very sensitive, please bring your own bug spray.