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Some useful informations here:

On a sailboat there are no closets or attics and it is best to take soft luggage such as a duffle bag, without wheels, to be able to store it better. Keep in mind that you have to store your luggage in your own cabin. We don’t advice you to bring rigid luggage or trolleys.

Pack only the bare necessities and try to dress in layers. During summer you only need to wear a swimsuite and a tshirt. We suggest to bring along a jumper and a windbreaker for the evening times, as it gets cooler.

Boat shoes are only necessary for offshore navigation and sailing boat races.
On a cruise we are usually barefoot. If you prefer to wear shoes, you must have a pair that is exclusively worn on board. The shoes must have white soles to avoid to leave marks. For excursions on land we recommend slippers or flip-flops or running shoes. We advise against wearing heels.
To protect yourself from the sun, don’t forget your sunglasses and a hat. Sunscreen is very important but oils or spray creams are banned.

Bed sheets and towels
We do not provide bed sheets or towels. You can either bring your own or alternatively it is possible to rent them. The cost of sheets and towels is 20 euro per week per person. Beach towels are not included, please make sure to pack one in your luggage.

Battery chargers
Cell phones and cameras can be charged on board with a socket of 220V, just like at home, but only when we are docked in a port. During navigation or while mooring at anchor in bays, it is possible to charge your batteries one at a time with a USB socket or lighter sockets. It is useful to have with you an accumulator or a portable battery.