Sailboat Rentals with Skipper on board

Sailing cruises in Polynesia, the Caribbean, Sardinia, the Aeolian Islands, the Tuscan Archipelago

Altamarea offers you the opportunity to sail the sea in Italy, in the Caribbean and in Polynesia – Pacific Ocean – with a team of professional and experienced skippers, whatever the season may be.

Altamarea organizes daily excursions in Sardinia and also crossings over the Atlantic Ocean, satisfying the needs of everyone— regardless of whether you are an experienced sailor or a beginner.

Cruises with skipper on board are available in Sardinia and Southern Corse during the summer season.


New for summer 2024

Crossing the Pacific Ocean

Sailing cruises among the atolls of French Polynesia

An extraordinary summer with Altamarea!

The crossing of the Pacific Ocean is a unique experience of navigation and discovery, at the slow and majestic rhythm of the ocean and the wind. The crew will experience intense days in close contact with the sea and its uncontaminated nature.

We will continue with sailing cruises among the atolls of Polynesia. Immersed in crystal clear waters and surrounded by breathtaking coral reefs, you will experience a dream stay in perfect harmony with the natural elements.